Some New Ideas On Handy Methods For Many Types Of Condoms?

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Pushing it to the side will ensure you you don’t tear the condom when you tear the wrapper. Unroll the condom a teeny bit to make sure it's right way around. Check which way to roll it down BEFORE it touches the penis otherwise fluid may have come into contact with it and newsflash: you won't be protected. It's super important you pinch the condom's tip between your thumb and forefinger to get rid of any air. Use your other hand to roll the condom down the penis all the way to the base. As soon as that penis is hard, it's going to need a condom on it. Condoms need to be put on before any kind or oral, vaginal or anal sex to make you fully protected. To make sure you remain fully protected, you'll need to check the condom is still in place during sex. And it's the same post-ejaculation. Always hold the condom at the base until the penis is removed from your mouth/anus/vagina to make sure no fluid can leak out. You should use extra water-based lubricant for anal sex and apply it either directly to the anus or on the outside of the condom.

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